Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{2} good things

I have two exciting life changing announcements today... okay, maybe not quite "life changing" however, I am super excited to announce that

1) I finally saw Magic Mike last night...yep, ladies...this was up there on the list of exciting moments in my life.
and more importantly...
2) I am the newest contributor over on Trohv's fun blog. 

I feel very honored to be a part of something so amazing. I was worried & nervous about my first post because I did not want to disappoint the Trohv team with my "un-coolness". Because seriously they are some talented cool peeps & way out of my creative league, but hopefully I made you all proud. Please please please hop on over there and make me look like I have a few virtual friends & get a glimpse of my latest project... Here is a peek. 

Can you believe those raspberries actually came out of my backyard? Nature is awesome! 



  1. So cute! I want those delicious raspberries...just on top of chocolate ice cream though. Yum-tastic!


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