Wednesday, July 18, 2012

birthday love for the Hubs {strange list included}

Today is a very special day folks! My Hubby turns 30! I cannot believe we have spent our entire 20's together and now we are on to a new chapter.

And since he is my favorite person & now my older man... I wanted to take today to wish him the best birthday ever.
And just because a post isn't a proper post without some picture love, this is from last year's birthday celebration. 

Yes those lil' sliders are cupcakes. Get all the details here. In the spirit of your birthday I wanted to share 30 reasons why I celebrate you today Mr. Schutz! So get yourself a beer, sit back, and get your read on, unless you're reading this at work. Then in that case don't get a beer, get a water, and don't sit, just work... but still get yo' read on.
 I must warn you, unless you want to know specific and weird things about our life you may not want to read the list below..and if you're into that kind of stuff like I am, well enjoy!  

I celebrate you today because...

1. You let me eat off your plate.
2. You allow me to watch No One Would Tell on Lifetime anytime it's on...(love me some 90's Fred
3. You let me listen to the 40's & 90's radio stations.
4. You give good hugs.
5. You work really hard and are REALLY good at smart people stuff.
6. You are the doctor of all things techy which comes in very handy I must say.
7. You play with Olly even when you're exhausted.
8. You give me the time that I am able to devote to the blog and my diy projects.
9. You make me iced tea when it runs out in the fridge without asking (super score)
10. You stay away from chocolate if its the last piece because you know I will cut you for it.
11. You watch Jane by Design with me (shhhh. I won't tell)
12. You can build ANYTHING. You're like the wood whisperer.
13. You embrace my family.
14. You stayed up two nights in a row to help me with our tween room makeover.
15. Your eyes are beautiful.
16. You order the best lattes.
17. You take me to Anthropolgie for inspiration.
18. You drive us everywhere (even though you are not the best driver-sorry birthday boy)
19. You inspire me every day.
20. You've been my bestie for the last 10 years.
21. You always chose me & us.
22. You collect coca cola points for our sweet Lizzy.
23. You eat everything I cook with no complaints. Sometimes that means supper jump up (jump up and get 
     it yo-self)
24. You make projects happen.
25. You always hold the door open.
26. You ain't too bad to look at.
27. Your passion for music is (almost) contagious ( I said almost).
28. You have loved and supported me no matter what I have looked like.
29. You are a Twilight and Fifty Shades fan with me (again, I won't tell anyone).
30. BECAUSE you are You & you complete me (thanks Jerry McGuire).

**SO if any of you are still reading this and you made it through my crazy Courtney rant list...take a moment to wish the Hubs a happy birthday.....can you keep a secret? He reads EVERY comment every day. He's a sucker for them**

Happy Birthday Ryry!


  1. Happy 30th Birthday!!

  2. What a great guy. I physically forced my husband to read The Hunger Games. He thanked me for it later.
    Happy Birthday - hope your hair stays forever on your head.

  3. Naww my fiance introduced me to Jane by Design! He was like "Hey, there's this new show I think you'll like..." What sweeties...

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  4. Naww my fiance introduced me to Jane by Design! He was like "Hey, there's this new show I think you'll like..." What sweeties...

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  5. Happiest of birthdays to your hubby! Enjoy!

  6. Happy Birthday to the Hubbs! I would like to applaud #8 on the list as it allows your lovely wife to provide us with this wonderful blog! :)

  7. Happy Birthday!!! hope you have a glorious day out in Cali!!

    P.S. Courtney, what a catch you have. Sounds like my boyfriend, Stas ;o)

  8. WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT! Happy Happy Birthday Ryan! We are celebrating you! We miss you so!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Happy birthday to you, Courtney's hubby. You're the man!

  11. OMG i am Drooling for that cake!! Did you make? if so please share receipe :) -Gabi


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