Thursday, July 12, 2012

Date night {confessions of a tired wife}

It seems like some days have been "off" for me lately. I don't get everything done I needed to...emails go unanswered, laundry gets washed and dried but not folded, and nothing goes as planned. I spend the entire day playing house cleaning fairy and toddler ringmaster to watch it all go down the drain when the Hubs walks in the door. Do you feel me ladies?! I can spend an entire 8 hour day holding the house together and with one twist of the doorknob and the Hubs getting home, he can undo it all in five minutes.
He leaves a trail of his things throughout the entire house. On the table, the chairs, the counter tops, the seems never ending, it's as if he is Hansel and he is leaving himself a trail to be able to find his way back home. When I talk to him about it he looks at me as if I am speaking Mandarin and just nods his head roboticly. It's day like these that I send him and Olly to the park and get lost in a good ole' game of words with friends and day dream of a piping hot latte with extra whip-cream... It's also during days like these that I wish the Hubs and I could get out of the house (secretly so he can't mess it up) to go out on a date. However, living in a small remote town with no family close by makes it tough to find a babysitter and get away on a week night. So because of this, the Hubs and I have become masters at the stay at home date night.
Recently, in all of our non-clickage behavior I felt it was important to date night it I made this one a little extra special (no worries, its G-rated-this is not that kind of blog folks). 

 It made staying home and watching one of our favorite TV shows together (after the boy went to sleep) extra fun & quite bright and orangey I must say. 

This is what I used to personalize our date night snacks & a little peek at how I did it. 

and here it is all put together... cute as can be and helping us to channel our inner young couple (pre-toddler, house chores and bill paying selves).

and we may or may not have saved a little box of popcorn for our little man....he may or may not have loved it too.

So next time you're feeling the itch to go on a date, scratch it and do it from home (wait-that sounded weird)!

What do you guys do to get away from the everyday and more importantly (for extra bonus points) what do you do in order to not kill your husbands haha?! Help a gal out!

**Love you Ryan**


  1. You should read The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs - a funny read about a wife/mother who gives her husband a star chart about leaving his stuff around! Made me chuckle and realise that the little things although annoying are not big deals. I read every occassion so I remember that!! After all I too get fed up cleaning up after a grown up/child number 3!

  2. Omg you are hilarious. Hansel leaving himself a trail! Hahaha I laughed out loud.

  3. I gave my fiancee the task of being in charge of the dishes. That way, whenever I get frustrated that his crap is all over the house and he doesn't help me pick it up, like, EVER, I'll just look over and see if the dishes are done. If they are - my anger subsides (because I hate doing dishes), if they're not - he hears about it when he gets home!

  4. Hahaha...Hansel! After 6 otherwise awesome years, I finally realized that it's not that they DON'T WANT to pick up after themselves, it's just that it never crosses their minds. That's one of the reasons showing any irritation over it only causes resentment in both of you and makes it worse (believe me, 5 years of experience!).
    Here's what has been working for me for the last year: try to go with him around the house and do what he's doing (like when he's putting on pjs, put yours on too, and then make sure he can see you putting your clothes away, or brush your teeth at the same time and wipe up the sink when your done, or you could even purposely leave stuff on top of your dresser and when he's emptying his pockets at night, go back to your dresser and tidy it up). It get's him thinking about it and he starts copying and cleaning up almost every time. And after a week or two, it will start to become habit and you won't have to follow him around anymore. The process does need to be repeated a few times a year, but it's totally worth it to have a much neater house! :)

  5. So cute - your date night treats and your writing. I wish I lived closer to you (not that I actually know where you live, but I am pretty sure it isn't hotter-than-blue-blazes Missouri!) so we could babysit for you. We would make great substitute grandparents!

  6. Cute ideas!! My hubby and I haven't had a date...since...well...I can't remember when!! It just doesn't seem worth it after you pay a sitter...ugg. Hope you enjoyed your night!

  7. You all are amazing and make me laugh! Thanks for making me feel not so alone and great suggestions!

    I wish we lived closer for you to babysit too ;.) You're so sweet.

  8. Courtney!

    First of all the stuff you made is so cute. I'm always amazed at your creativity using simple objects and turning them into something beautiful! Secondly, just remember your self worth as a mama and a wife is not measured by how clean your house is. =) Take it easy on yourself and realize you're doing a great job. No matter how much you clean it will ALWAYS get messy again. Which is okay! You're awesome!


  9. Aimee you're the sweetest ever! I just love ya. Thanks for the knd words of encouragement ;.)

  10. It's nice to hear someone else vent about her husband's mess every now and then, I feel like a screech owl everytime I try to address it. My husband works as a rock mason and not only is there a trail of boots, dirty clothes and tools, but a scattering of dust and concrete on everything he touches... AHH! But I love your at home date night ideas, if I could just get over my frustrations with him, I might give them a shot! ;)

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