Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday favorites {gettin' my wish list on}

So I went through my day yesterday thinking it was Monday, true story. That mid week holiday thing got my brain all cray cray! As I was bumbling through my fake Monday I was day dreaming of shopping instead of doing what I was really, computing, and toddler raising. I just had to take today (my fake Tuesday) a.k.a. real people world's Friday and show you the two products that have me swooning.

I feel like I need this almost as much as I need food, water, and shelter. Okay...maybe not quite that bad...but you get the picture...

It's simple striped goodness has me imagining a night out on the town...involving cute heels and this lovely lady clutch...It's an Anthropologie find of course...too rich for my blood but a gal can dream.

I also was recently introduced to the amazing Bloom Theory. This company sells beautiful camera straps and since I always have a chunky black strap around my neck, I thought it would be so fun to try something new. These lovely girls make me giggle and feel extra happy by just looking at them. Not to mention my camera is nudging me to buy one so he can have a lady friend. Yes...I think my camera is a boy and no I don't think I'm weird...right?!
I'm going to a wedding in October for one of my best friends on the entire planet (shout out to Josh & Mel) and I would love to rock one of these. We will see if it's in the budget...until then, I will day dream of them.

I hope you all have an amazing Friday or Tuesday...or whatever day you would like it to be. I am going to enjoy the next two days with the family and see you lovelies back her on the real Monday!


  1. Blair on DIYed a similar looking clutch from an American Apparel bag. You can see it in her July 3rd (2012) post.

  2. Wonderful clutch! Have enjoyed my visit to your blog--great photos!


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