Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hootin' & hollerin' {over my new cheap find}

I am just dying to introduce you guys to my newest find...I am in love with her! The best part is the $2.50 price tag she came with...I know it makes her sound like a cheap date, but feast your eyes on her awesomeness and you'll agree with me. I promise. 

I found this gorgeous gal at Target last weekend in the dollar section at the front of the store. Seriously, I try to avoid that section like I do the lady at the perfume counter, otherwise I get drawn into spending money I wasn't planning on. However, her big white ceramic eyes drew me in and it was love at first sight. She was intended to be a pen and pencil holder but I thought she should be promoted to a vase. The beautiful flowers were a free throw together from my garden, and they adorn her head like a floral crown.

Ahhhh, isn't she fabulous? I know everyone is currently on the owl craze (including myself) but for me owls actually have a deeper meaning. As a little girl we would go to our family farm on the weekends. After dinner my grandfather would take us on "owl hunts" where we would look for owls up high in the trees. He referred to our owl hunts as "broomstick safaris". This was because he would make us carry brooms to protect ourselves if they swooped down towards us. With my grandfather gone now, I often think of these memories and laugh. My new lil' vase is a sweet reminder of him. That alone was enough of a reason to spend $2.50 on her. 

What about you guys? Any good cheap finds lately? Do tell. 


  1. Oooh I picked up 3 little white sparrows for 3.50 in the sale section of Target...I can't wait to buy our house to take them out and give them a home!

    Olive is lovely :)

  2. The dollar store and I go way back, I've bought drinking glasses there many times. I mean, how do you go wrong with a dollar per glass? I even toss them nonchalantly over my shoulder when I'm done with them laughing wildly.

  3. I think she is adorable. I'm heading to Target today, and I'm going to look for one too! You never know where you will find a treasure!

  4. Love this find and I'm completely jealous of the flowers you manage to just take from your yard!

  5. Went today and got my own little owl! Thank you for sharing... I'm so excited!

  6. I totally checked the dollar section in my local...and nada! I think I missed the "Target" on this one...

  7. What's the name of the font you used for "Meet Olive"? I love it!

  8. Thanks Elizabeth! It's called Jacques & Gilles on It's only $34. I LOVE it!


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