Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, white & blue {last minute inspiration}

Hey everybody! I am excited to be able to share today's 4th of July fun with you. There's nothing like a little last minute inspiration, right?!

One of the things we did yesterday was a little Independence Day photo backdrop. It was super easy...

A little wardrobe color coordination and some tripod assistance and we were left with these casual, carefree & festive family photos....(the best part is knowing that on the 4th I can actually relax and not be snapping pictures all day).

Cute & easy, right?! I also had to indulge in a little fun summery chocolate yumminess...and how else to do that but with s'mores?

But I jazzed it up a bit with these homemade labels that you can easily turn into stickers....

Seeing stars yet? Or are you at least embracing a little red, white, and blue action?

I made the graphics (shown above) avialable for PDF download for anyone who may want their own copy. My little Independence Day gift to you.

click here for your own copy

I hope my little photo backdrop & labels have you excited to celebrate a special day tomorrow....I'm darn proud to be an American!


I love to hear your thoughts lovelies! Comment away!


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