Monday, July 23, 2012

Reno Bound {a secret trip}

I am back from a very fun filled weekend. I promised on Friday to clue you in on what I had planned for the Hubs 30th birthday and I am back to do just that and tell you how much fun we had.

We went on a surprise trip to Reno. And when I say surprise I mean a total 100%, get into the car and didn't know his bag was packed sort of a surprise. It was also a complete surprise that my parents flew in from Texas and met us there. That not only meant fun times catching up with them, but it also meant my mom decorated our hotel room with birthday signs and balloons and yelled "surprise" when we walked in the door. It also meant a little grown up date night for us with some delicious food at a restaurant that didn't offer kids menus for coloring and used real tablecloth's. We also fed some penny slot machines that looked a little hungry and ate the worlds best macaroons poolside. It was amazing. We needed a weekend full of beautiful weather, family, good food, and laughs. I just wish you could have all joined us. Here was our weekend in pictures.

I tried not to splurge too much and I even got up early to run on Friday before we left town. 

My sweet mama.

The Hubs also bought me a gorgeously shiny Swarovski crystal ring and gave it to me the last day of the trip.....I am in love with it. I even let the sparkles dance across the dashboard in the sunlight while I pretended like it was a disco ball. Is that too weird to share? 

Even though our trip ended on Sunday our fun hasn't stopped yet. My sweet mama has come home with us for the week so that we can have Ryan's birthday party and some more date nights. This should be a fantastic week!

I hope you all had a great weekend too! Have any of you ever planned a surprise trip? I have never been so excited and so nervous about spilling the beans at the same time. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I get to share something exciting with you and give a little fun sunny day diy. 


  1. Love the family photo - you wait until Olly is older and pulls silly faces like my 9 year old son does!! I do not think we have a decent photo of us all without funny faces, me looking cross because no-one is behaving or a plethora of bunny ears behind peoples heads!
    It looks like a great trip, your husband will remember it for ever I am sure. We are planning a surprise trip for the children in Autumn, we are flying over to the USA and to Orlando to do the whole Disney thing. The kids do not have a clue and we are aiming to tell them the day before. We are just hoping that we can contain ourselves until then!

  2. Hey! That's where I was this weekend. Small world!

  3. Pretty ring! So glad you had a fabulous weekend :)

  4. Love the bling! In my opinion it would have been weird if you DIDN'T pretend it was a disco ball! I would have made my husband do his techno beat too.

    I have never thought of going to Reno...I am now totally going to google that shizz.


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