Friday, July 13, 2012

The "write" stuff {summer journals}

Please excuse my cheesy New Kids on The Block's Friday and so I chose to blame it on that. Speaking of Friday, look at champs we all made it through the week!!! Before we get to today's fun post I just want to  shamelessly beg you guys to help me get to 700 followers today- I just know we can do it! I think it would be so incredibly awesome to hit the 700's in the 7th month of the year. I know I smell of crazy! I can't help it.

Now on to a fun summertime project I recently completed that I just couldn't wait to show you guys. It's the perfect weekend diy. I was itching to make a nautical inspired set of journals so that I could write down my summertime memories. They are also perfect for recording details about vacations or family activities. They make a great inexpensive hostess gift, party favor, or last minute thing to throw into the beach bag before heading out.

Growing up I would sometimes go stay for long visits at my grandparents farm during the summer or we would even go on road trips. My sweet grandmother would always encourage me to write down my experiences so that I could remember them.Not long ago I found a journal from the year I turned 11 and we took a trip together to North Carolina. Reading what seemed important to me at the time and the importance of what we ate and what we did for fun was hysterical. I definitely encourage you to make some with or for  your children to capture what is important to them at this very moment in their lives. It is something you can always look back on together. 

They were super easy to make. All I needed was:
paint brush
acrylic paint 
and a  thin sharpie 

 It only took me one afternoon to do the entire project and now I have these thin journals to keep in the car  to record family days with Oliver and the Hubs. My wish for you this weekend is that you are able to make many happy summertime memories and record them for always.

 What do you think? Are they noteworthy? I will see you crazy kids on Monday.


  1. I read yor blog regularly, but wasn't an official follower. Now I am #689! Only 11 followers to go! Good luck on meeting your goal.

  2. So cute! And you make it look soooo easy! We shall see about that.... he he!

  3. It's slightly hard to read the font on the pictures.

  4. yay! Thanks sweet ladies! I also changed the font, I hope this helps and thanks for the feedback ;.)

  5. Those are SO incredibly cute! I'm all over the nautical theme right now, so I love this project!


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