Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A moment in time

Happy Tuesday to all of you! Before I get to sharing with you today I just want to take a moment to ask that you all send prayers to everyone battling the storms and hurricanes. One of my precious sponsors Kayleigh is dealing with all of the turmoil of bad weather & I just want to wish her and everyone else safe keeping.

On a lighter note (quite literally) it's time for my monthly weight confession progress report. I love being able to keep you guys in the loop because it holds me accountable. I am currently down 35 pounds in the last three months. Last month at this time I had lost 20. I have been really really excited about my progress and I am now smaller than I have been since 8th grade (and I'm 29....that was a looooong time ago).

To celebrate my weight loss since chocolate cake didn't seem like a practical and worth while option, I decided to shoot a self portrait to mark this time of accomplishment down for myself. I am so used to hating every photo I am in that I thought a healthy way to capture my happiness in this moment of my life would be to document it. I must say a HUGE thanks and shout out to my girl over at Saigewisdom who's blog makes me laugh endlessly...(bend over and clutch my belly laugh). She featured a talented photographer Sue Bryce and from there I was inspired to use her tips and tricks to "try" and recreate a similar self portrait. Minus the knowledge of being a real photographer and the professional price tag of course...which let's face it, I would pay it to have her take photos of me. She makes my eyes swoon and mouth drool over her photo magic. This is my less awesome but still exciting self portrait. I was thrilled to actually have jewelry and make up on and without one cute toddler hanging off my body.

I must say I thought it captured the happiness I am feeling inside...the freckles that the sun has seduced out from hiding this summer and the thankfulness that I have to each and every one of you offering me your support. I am going to keep practicing my self portraits so that I can capture a beautiful one of my lovely grandmother this fall, I hope I can do her justice.

And before I end this really long post don't forget that tomorrow is the LAST day to use the Bloom Theory discount of 10% off.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Be sweet to one another.


  1. you.are.gorgeous.


    the freckles, the wind blown hair, the can't-do-that-in-photoshop eye sparkle.

    your hubby is one lucky guy.

    love you.


  2. Oh my gosh, these portraits are to die for and you my dear are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! You are such an inspiration.

  3. mouth. hanging. open!
    super proud! keep up the good work!
    agreed, you captured true joy in a freakin picture!!

  4. So cute! I love reading your blog. :)

  5. Thanks for wishing us well through this storm! xoxo, Kayleigh.

  6. I absolutely love your freckles. You are adroable, and you look great! Thank you for sharing your journey:)

  7. You all are so sweet and loving. I appreciate all of your kinds words and it gives me the inspiration to keep on going. Love to you all!

  8. You look STUNNING, girl!! Be proud and celebrate your hard work and determination!! XoXo

  9. You are so stinkin' hot! Congrats on working towards a personal goal, especially with a little one and a hubby to chase after. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Heck I think I might even try doing my own self portrait!

    Thanks for sharing happiness. It's contagious.

  10. These photos are beautiful. You are one of the prettiest people ever. I wish I had freckles...I've always wanted them and yours are perfect!

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