Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another one bites the dust

I am making progress my sweet peeps! Check it out...

I crossed number 1. off which I never really thought would happen and read the entire 50 shades Series. The one I have been most shocked about was number 8. I decided to sponsor an Opera singer heading to Germany to make it there instead of Broadway. I am the most excited about teaching Oliver to say "I love you" which was number 17. I am the most hopeful about number 3. which is losing the last 40 pounds (I only have 12 more lbs to make that goal) and I'm looking forward to scratching number 28. off the list in October when I go home by myself to Texas for a wedding.
Thanks for being my cheerleaders & letting me share it with all of you. Did any of you make a list of goals that you are trying to finish in the next few months? It can be a little intimidating but I love challenging myself.


  1. woot woot! 12 more to go lady, you are such an inspiration. so happy for you. xo

  2. that wedding sounds like it could be a pretty good time!
    #3 is just absolutely stunning! good job!

  3. Hi! I have been following your bog for a few months now, without joining. I saw one of the things on your list today was to get 1,000 followers and I suddenly felt like I was cheating (not my style), so I decided to finally join.
    I really think you are adorable and I love that you are so honest and true in your posts. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all.


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