Monday, August 6, 2012

Bringing it {toddler chic style}

Well was bound to happen. My little baby boy is quickly becoming a little dapper young lad and this means he is out growing his crib, some of his toys, and even out growing his mama's constant hugs.

When I originally designed his bedroom I opted to bypass the nursery feel and go for a look that he could grow into. I focused on bold patterns and a magnitude of prints and colors. This is making the transition of his room very easy. Here is what we started with.

Here is how we adapted it when we moved to California...

and this is how I am thinking it is going to look now. I want to make the rug bigger for playtime, incorporate a toddler bed, and give him a table to use for his blocks and coloring "toddler business".

Toddler Bed, sheets, fabric, rug, throw, pillows, table, piggy bank 

I love the idea of being playful, cozy, mixing patterns, and letting all the whimsical stand out. Operation toddler room is now being put into action and I anticipate it's completion late fall. What tips do you guys have for designing a toddler room? I can use any help I can get.


  1. Oh my, what an exciting transition!
    I don't have any toddler room suggestions, as I'm currently nesting myself. We're waiting on our first little one to arrive this November...A Boy!
    I was actually wondering what your suggestions are for baby boy clothes that are not too babyish.

  2. Do you ever do mood boards for people? If not, I highly recommend you consider doing that :) I love the rooms you do and all your creative always keep things fresh without it looking like a been there, done that look. I would love to see what you would do for a baby girl nursery!

  3. I do Libbie I do! Thanks for your sweet words & welcome to the blog!


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