Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting my feature on {this friday}

Happy Friday to all of you. I found a DIY this week and I just had to feature it today because it's too good not share. We all know by now that I am a sucker for anything covered in orange, draped in lace and from Anthropologie....right?! So imagine my desire for this dress when I saw it in the Anthro store a few months ago during their Spring Collection.

I, like Sarah who is responsible for this amazing DIY, ran away screaming from the huge price tag of nearly $350 and let it live in my "if I was rich" dreams. The difference was, while I was at home pining away for it and trying to fill the void with Wrestling and chocolate cake, she was off doing something about it. Hence she created this amazing inspired look-a-like...

And she did it all for less than $75 bucks. She's a genius. It left me with a major case of dress envy... As well as a side of creative envy. Who else loves her lemon yellow shoes as much as I do? So fun! So hop on over to her fantastic blog and see the details on how to embellish your own dress with some beautiful and dainty lace. What a prefect weekend project. It's got the wheels turning in my head.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Imagine me covered in yarn and making balls.....because that's what I'll be doing....don't forget to order your Halloween Garlands & next week I hope to have my fall pre-orders ready as well.


  1. Hi! You are so sweet, thank you for featuring my dress! I saw from my stats that this was the referring link so I clicked on it and found this post! Im glad you like the dress, you should make one too! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration Sarah! I love it & think you are a genius. I cant wait to make my own.

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Heading over now! I haven't commented in a while but loving all you are doing on here!!! I can't wait to hang my Christmas yarn ball garland in a few months!!!


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