Thursday, August 9, 2012

rising above it y'all {tantrum warning}

Please excuse me while I take a day to gather my wits. I am feeling a bit tattered around the edges.

I try to find the beauty when all is chaotic but today I cannot find my "pleasing personality"...I am not sure if it went on vacation or is hiding under the couch, either way I am determined to find it. Sometimes life forces me to be flexible (which is not something I am good at) and just when I think I am handling it like a champ in comes Mr. Flexibility causing me to bend even more. So since I like to try to handle myself with grace even in the worst of times (because let's face it that's the ONLY thing I am really in control of) I am taking a day to become more graceful. Please excuse me while I get my panties out of a wad and stop kicking and screaming like a 3 year old and learn to rise above it. I can do it! Just keeping it real with you guys.

At least y'all are a bright spot in my day! Cannot wait to see you tomorrow, hopefully with a big smile on this face!

*No husband, child, or pet were harmed in the writing of this post 


  1. i just can't imagine you not being're near perfect :) tell the hubs and kiddo hello. have a great day!

  2. Hey, we believe in you girly and love you in only a blog-reader can :P I know you will rise above this because you are a winner and a champion. Keep the positivity abounding and soon you will find your happiness again :)<3

  3. Hope you get your groove back soon! I am very sorry to hear you are struggling. Thanks for the PS explaining Ollie and the hubs are OK. As long as the three of you have each other, there are good times ahead!


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