Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday Journey

Hellooooooo lovelies! What did you spend yesterday doing? We took a little drive over to the base in Petaluma to get new military ID's and I thought it might be fun to take you guys with us. When we lived in Petaluma seven years ago this was something I sort of hated doing. At the time I weighed 280 pounds and the idea of walking around a military base where everyone seemed physically fit seemed like the most daunting and intimidating task ever. Silly, right? Fast forward to yesterday and I was so happy to know I had no hesitation or anxiety about visiting the base and in fact I looked forward to getting out and about and photographing such a beautiful place. I have seen a few bases in my day and this is by far the most peaceful and stunning...

Jackrabbit action 

Goodbye uniform & official business...hello civies and Olly time. 

We were able to enjoy the day out together, the weather was amazing (60 degrees and breezy), and I was able to look at everyone we passed in the eyes with my head held high. How is that for seven years worth of progress? It's about darn time, right? Hope you guys have the most amazing day & know I am thinking about you!


  1. Well Done you, you now have the confidence to show them all who you really are.
    That place looks so lovely, cannot believe it is an air base. WOW!

    Today is my D day, as I am now embarking on losing 2 stone that I have gained over the last few years. It has crept up on my quietly and laid on my behind and tummy, making me unable to get into my clothes! We are taking a trip to USA in October and I hope to be a dress size smaller by then so I can look at photos and not thing URGH!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place! And good for you! There's nothing better than feeling good about yourself. By the way, you look beautiful in your picture, purple looks good on you!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I have been considering bariatric surgery for a while now, and it is just awesome to see how happy and healthy you are. Again, thanks!


  4. only one word to describe the both topics in this post....

  5. Beautiful! I can feel the pride in your words.
    We went on a little CA coastal adventure ourselves this weekend, down to Big Sur for my birthday.

  6. Court I love the pic of my beautiful sister-in-law! I'm glad yall had fun at the base :)


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