Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nailed it {and a feather story}

I've been telling you guys that I have been working on the furniture arrangement in the house lately and that has also included my art work. Since we moved into this house over a year ago we have not truly been settled in. We decided since we were staying here in Point Reyes for a while longer (and in this house) that we would finally give it that "lived in" feel and nurse it back to the comfort of home we had come to know  in our Baltimore home. So here is one of the projects that I have finally finished and I was anxious to show you guys and to get some feedback. I must say, it seriously felt so good to unwrap the pictures that once cluttered sat at the top of my closet and use them to make our own little gallery wall in the hallway. 

 And the newest piece I added to the collection, is now my newest favorite piece. I framed some of the feathers that my lil' Oliver Tate & I found on some of our walks and I simply adore it. I felt like it was a fun way to capture part of Point Reyes & it doesn't hurt that it was Free.99 (you know this gal loves a free project).

 So tell me what you think about the progress? Doesn't it feel more homey and cozy? I am dying to hear what you think. Oh & do you like the runner? It was rug love at first sight and it was from Cost Plus for those who may be wondering. For now I am off to work on some more projects, wish me luck!


  1. Oh Courtney - absolutely adore this gallery wall! What a great grouping, especially the feathers, and I love all the black and white. And you can never go wrong with a sisal/jute rug in my opinion, it adds so much texture and warmth! This is the first time I've caught a glimpse of the ceiling and holly cow, fabulous, fabulous! :)

  2. I absolutely love the small gallery wall. I love the colors! AND I never truly noticed your ceiling until now...OMG its gorgeous! I am super jealous over here!!!!

  3. absolutely love it! I was going to ask about the runner, which I love. Glad you mentioned it. You are such a talented lady:)


  4. love it! and the wall color! Could you tell me what it is??

  5. Thanks Erin! It's by Glidden and it's called water chestnut....happy painting xo

  6. ooo I like the mix of prints and photos!

  7. Adorable idea of framing the feathers...and I love the You + Me = 3.
    I am with everyone else regarding your ceilings. Gorgeous! For good measure I will say that I also really like the floors as well ;)

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