Tuesday, September 11, 2012

She spoke to me {high on sequins}

Ohhh ladies, lets gab about lusting after an item shopping today! Do you ever walk into a store and lock eyes with something which triggers a special little rhythmic pitter patter echoing in your heart? Then your brain, eyes, and heart make the decision that you must leave with this item and you proceed to use every reason to justify the purchase? Well, if I'm the only one this happens to, then just let me think I am normal and please don't be afraid to take me shopping. I promise all of this excitement and emotion stays mostly contained inside myself....except for the other day when I hopped into the car where the Hubs and little man were waiting and I could not wait to share my newest find. Meet my new lovely lady. The disco ball of my closet and the belle of the ball I must say...

I don't have words for how giggly she makes me. I know what you're thinking...where is she going to wear that fancy thang?!  And the only thing I can say is that she rocks a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans like it's no other blazers business. She was an originally $125 (and to be honest) I probably would have paid that. I know, I'm crazy. But I was so excited to score her on sale for $75 which made it even better. She just really rocks my boring jacket off and makes me want to go to the grocery store looking like a million bucks. I'm so serious! Just be warned if you live in my area and see me at the grocery store, I may just have this little beauty in tow, I adore her that much.

So here is where you amazing gal friends tell me I'm not crazy and then go and buy yourself one too so that we can be twinkies!

P.S. no stock boys, shoppers, cashiers, clothing racks, husband or child were harmed during the discovery of this jacket. 


  1. I think if you paired it with the simple white tee and jeans a little leopard flat would set that outfit off! :) Enjoy your new find!

  2. That's an awesome find! I want to get one, but I have so many blazers I'm not sure if I can justify getting another one even though this is all sparkles.

  3. I would totally wear this... it's a blazer, and it's sparkly! Perfect find!

  4. Suuuper fun find, who doesn't love sequins :)? Which reminds me: did I miss the anthro dress try-on? or are you still working towards that? I can't believe that I'd have missed those pics.... I vote pics of the dress (again, if need be ;) ) and the sequin jacket! Though not necessarily together :D, but I'll leave that up to you ;)


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