Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding wardrobe {fall is here}

Hey there Lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Fall definitely blew in & made it's presence known. I found myself wrapped in a sweatshirt on Saturday morning going to get a pumpkin spice latte because it was 44 degrees outside. I died my hair a richer brown for the season, I had to get my run on a little earlier in the evening and I baked with 2 of my favorite ingredients pumpkin & cinnamon...the house embraced the new fall season and smelled divine.

I may have also curled up on the couch, under a throw, watching the Emmy's last night and secretly playing dress-up in my mind. It got the ball rollin' and motivated me to start planning what I am going to pack for my upcoming trip to Texas. I leave a week from Wednesday and I'm going for dear pals who are getting hitched *shout out to Josh and Mel*. With this being a fall nighttime wedding and with the Emmy's on my brain, I thought it would be fun to be daring with my look. I'm thinking red lipstick & black heels kind of dramatic. Here is what I'm envisioning....

I am crushing on  these black heels because they're actually wearable....I am loving the idea of some mad sparkle danglin' from my ears and these earrings are perfect. I want a simple black dress and I want to rock a basic dark red lip. Don't you think I can do that for a night time fall wedding? I'm sort of excited about it and I promise to post a picture.

So tell me....what did you do this weekend? How did you welcome fall? I can't wait to hear! As for me, I am off to go get some more DIY action done. This is going to be a great blog week and I hope you are all ready to join me. Get ready for a Halloween launch on Friday....woooo whoooo! And who else is doing back-flips over DEXTER & Modern family coming back this week? I feel whole again.


  1. I agree about the heels - last season they were so high I stuck to my flats for fear of twisting an ankle!

  2. I love everything about that look. So classic and so fancy!
    I am so thrilled about Fall. It's my favorite season and I welcomed it by going to a food cart pod wearing jeans and a jacket and a scarf! Oh jacket and's been too long!

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