Tuesday, October 2, 2012

birthday prep happenings

Hey y'all! I cannot believe I will be leaving town in a day and I am leaving this adorable face behind....

I spent the day yesterday sketching out some ideas for Mr. Oliver's birthday cake for his 2 year birthday bash (on the computer). This will by far be one of his best birthdays....not ONLY because it's his second one EVER but also because his grandmother and great grandmother will be making the trip to California to spend his special day with him.

We decided this year to celebrate with a fun cake, a few presents, some simple streamers and a trip to a farm & pumpkin patch. A little different than last years circus extravaganza. Next week I will show y'all the details after we celebrate out little guy & hopefully make it through this milestone without any tears.

So what did you do yesterday? Any last minute travel tips before I leave tomorrow?



  1. Your son is too cute! My son is turning 2 on the 11th of this month and just yesterday I broke down because I haven't planned anything for him! I am 6 months pregnant (read: hormonal) and have no energy to plan a party! My husband and I decided to have something simple with just our immediate family - maybe order some pizzas for lunch and have fun snacks and desserts. Hopefully I don't scar him for life! :)
    I can't wait to see your bday party ideas!

  2. We're having my son's 1st birthday party in a week (OMG). I love all of the planning!


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