Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh yea....there's a plane {and I'm on it}

It's Wednesday folks! That means I am currently on an airplane most likely engrossed in a magazine, or maybe even sipping a latte waiting for my plane to arrive and whisk me away. It feels so abnormal to me to be making this trip alone, but I'm as happy as a school girl at the same time. My purse has been cleared of diapers and toys, my suitcase is filled with only my things, and my airplane time will not be filled with the anxiety & worry that I have when traveling with a toddler.

For the first time in two years I’m not responsible for feeding anyone else other than myself, being on someone else’s sleep schedule, or bathing any other body (other than my own of course). There are no house chores, or laundry, or any other “work” that has to be done for the next four days. As far as I’m concerned this trip is sounding more and more like mama heaven. And even though I will miss both of my boys dearly (the hubs and Oliver) I know that Olly will be indulging in some major- belly laughing, park playing, dog chasing; daddy play time. And what boy doesn't love that? His hair will most likely not be combed, the same clothes will probably be worn each day, and pizza will probably be served for more than one meal (let’s just hope it doesn't make a breakfast appearance). But I know that Ryan will have it all covered while this gal is off having fun in Texas. 

This trip is super special to me for two reasons. Not only is it my first trip without Oliver since he was born, but it is also in celebration of a really dear friend. He has known me for over 14 years and stuck by all of my embarrassing adolescent choices well into adulthood & has also seen me through thick and thin. We sat at lunch together in high school where I ate my Frito pie and sipped on some fruit punch-ahhh those were the days. He looked past the phase of two bleach blonde streaks I had dangling in the front of my hair (oh yea, that was cute-eek) and he even remained my friend in college when I had one of these tongue rings in my mouth-yep, I was totally that girl. He watched me “mascot” at pep-rallies, he took me to my college freshmen meet and greet when my parents couldn't, and he even came on my first date with the Hubs & I, and was there to usher at my wedding. He sweetly celebrated Oliver’s anticipated arrival and is always there for me. Now it's time for me to celebrate his next huge milestone and be there for him. He is really amazing and I adore him & I adore his soon to be wife. They put the “awe” into awesome y'all! So a huge congrats goes out on the blog today to Josh and Mel and their blessed families! As well as, a huge I LOVE YOU to the Hubs and my favorite lil' man. You guys better not stay up too late and watch Despicable Me to much. 

And don't worry. I didn't forget about y'all. There is a really fun DIY post for you lovelies tomorrow, so you guys stay tuned. Think of me while I venture throughout the skies today and land in my home state. 


  1. you. are. amazing! travel safe!

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