Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin love & a birthday made of all things special

A little trip to Peter Pumpkin patch in Petaluma as part of Olly's birthday extravaganza. Some generational love with Olly's grandma and great-grandma (his Nini & Mimi). Yummy bites of pumpkin ice cream, hay bale climbing, present opening, candle blowing, tent playing and a little boy in love with a certain new vacuum, equals a fun and exhausting day. Here is our day in pictures, after a total of 823 were taken yesterday. Pretty ridiculous, but I wanted to make sure to capture every little moment.

My little handsome had a very eventful second birthday & as I slipped into bed last night I was so thankful that this only happens once a year.

Thanks for the sweet birthday emails and wishes. You all were missed at our celebration!


  1. Love the pumpkin patch shots and the matching flannels..

  2. you. look. amazing!
    ryan and olly; you two are handsome devils!


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