Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent shenanigans {just say no to goats}

Hello lovelies! I missed you guys yesterday while I was off playing hooky as part of Olly's birthday week extravaganza. This week is a different kind of week here on the blog where I am basically documenting all of the things I have been doing. I promise to get back to projects and fun stuff next week, especially for those who are on to the fact that my life is not the most exciting thing in the world. But for now I'm going to catch you guys up to speed on events from my Texas trip and a few adventures taken here in California.

Here is what I have learned the last few days {a summary in pictures}........

1) No one can say no to ice cream & even the evil Mr. High Calorie seems less threatening if served on a doily. My new jeans want to say a big "dang you" to the seduction of the doily- ice cream duo.

2) There is nothing I like better than a fun photo booth or back drop. They make me weak in my picture taking knees. I'm a sucker for them at any event. Congrats again to the lovely McKenna's. 

3) Best friends are the hardest things to find. I have had these amazing men in my life for 14 years. They always amaze me and inspire me and going to a festival and "people watching" together is the best guilty pleasure in the world....seriously, it even beats chocolate cake.

4) I've also learned that friends should encourage friends to laugh and embrace all moments. Learning to let go and smile is priceless. I also learned that its way more fun to watch people from behind a camera lens, it's sort of like staying sober at a party that everyone else is drunk at.

5) This little face makes me melt. However, this is not a new revelation.

6) Friends who hate having their picture taken, ought not to go anywhere with me. I apologize now for being a camera hustler. "Hi, my name is Courtney and I am addicted to photographing everything". I also realized, that some of my friends who think they don't take good pictures are truly beautiful in front of the lens. Pictures don't lie.

7) My little boy adores goats. His smile in infectious and his innocence in the purest form is something my heart seeks.

8) I also have learned that goats eat sweaters y'all. TRUE STORY. It is also true that while you're laughing at your mom when her sweater is being eaten and trying to photograph the moment....that your jacket will also become part of a goat snack....yep, I'm awesome. 

9) My most recent salad was the crack cocaine of all salads. The roasted figs and pears made me want to slap my mama! Sorry mom. I also realized that I hate posing for pictures and I feel so awkward. I'm pretty sure it's picture taking karma.

10) Last, but not least....I have figured out that there is something magical about a train ride at a farm, especially with hot chocolate in hand. And that I am filling up my soul with these fall moments which make up the fibers of who I am.

 I will see you crazy kids tomorrow.


  1. You look adorable Courtney. Fun post. Love the shot with the goats.

  2. Beautiful picture of you and Oliver at the end. We all feel awkward in front of the camera. I think we feel people will think we're being vain or pretentious. But you look great!

  3. Hey Courtney, I just wanted to let you kow I read your blog everyday...but I have never commented until now. I just wanted to tell you how pretty you looked in the picture where you are between your two friends...absolutely beautiful! I am so proud of you and your weight loss! You inspire me... I Love this blog and your style! Keep up the great job! You Rock!

  4. Courtney, you look so skinny! Keep it up! Love the photos!

  5. McKenna's must have been blessed to have court and ronedog there at the wedding!

  6. You are adorable! Thanks for inspiring beauty with oneself and their surroundings. I think it goes hand in hand.
    Courtney B


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