Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a little birdie...{not the turkey kind or the middle finger kind}

Well it's official...I have joined the human race and jumped on the twitter train! I have had a lot of you email me asking if I was on twitter. After a long time of dragging my feet on this trend I decided to get with it. Now I am sure most of you probably get sick of hearing me gawk over sparkly things, talk about my crazy life with a wacky two year old, and how I dream about large pieces of chocolate cake...but, for those who want more of my ridiculousness, crazy stories, design ideas, or made up words, then feel free to start a' followin'! Okay, and seriously, some of you take pity on me and just follow me anyway because I don't want to feel like a twitter failure....I'm pretty sure that title is a real thing. I also figure that means I can follow all of you back and get to know you even more! This will be a new exciting adventure for me...sounds kinda sad, right?! But I assure you I cannot wait to read about all of you!

As for today, I will be prepping for Thanksgiving and spending most of my day in the kitchen and eating this....
Apple, cranberry, walnut, salad with poppy seed dressing.
I figure if I am giving myself permission to go medieval on some turkey tomorrow and throw back a little mashed potatoes with gravy and pumpkin crunch cake, then I need to be a good girl and eat light today. ....But I figure I still get to taste as I am baking...right?! Shhhhh. No one will know.

I hope you all have a VERY lovely, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving tomorrow with your families. I hope to see you on twitter!


  1. Doh! Twitter? Really? I tried it once, didn't keep up with it and stopped. Maybe I'll give it another go. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your salad looks great! I'm making a very similar salad tomorrow too!
    Here's the recipe I'm using - It's AMAZING!


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