Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dining room diaries

I was recently asked to submit interior photos for a special project, so I felt like I need to make a change in the dining room. I tell you I have a re-decorating addiction. The only cure is more cow bell late night decorating sessions with loud music and some pretzels.

So I spent the weekend playing around, re-purposing, adding to, and photographing my progress. Here is a little peek.

I took full advantage of having hydrangeas in bloom (that are soon to be dying) in the front of the house and put them inside my new basket from Target (the trick is to put jars of water for the flowers inside the basket). I pulled my star burst mirror out of storage because I have not used it since the Baltimore house. I framed some prints of Oliver eating & used my West Elm rug to connect the dining room with the living room. It feels pretty simple, but for now it feels like it is exactly what we need.

Now I am just ready to start adding some garlands and twinkle lights next week after Thanksgiving (let's please not forget Thanksgiving). Ahhhhhh, such an exciting time of year.


  1. your design posts are my FAVE... I feel like we have somewhat similar styles only you actually execute your ideas and I just pin them.

    I'm very excited for this 'cryptic' special project.

    mucho LOVE bonita.


  2. I agree with Sara, your design posts are my favorite! I adore your style! I absolutely love the starburst mirror, the hydrangeas in the basket and your West Elm rug under the table. Where did you get the horse on the table? I've been coveting him for a while now :)

  3. Love it all! Where is the starburst mirror from!? xo, Kayleigh

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad you all approve as well as I'm going to try & do some more decorating type projects in the new year!

    Christine....the horse came from a small hop in Baltimore called Su Casa. But every once in a while I see some like it in little independent boutiques.

    Kayleigh, hey girl! I got the mirror a few years ago but it was a Homegoods find! Love that place! Xo

  5. hydrangeas!!!!!! mel's fave!

  6. You can never have too much Cowbell! Lol! I can't wait to see your holiday decor. Since I stumbled upon your blog you have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and little by little make our house into a home. :)


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