Monday, November 5, 2012

Pre-birthday progress report

I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday marked exactly one month from my 30th birthday. For those who have been following my blog for a while may remember this 30 by 30 kick off post from May (which is where I am trying to accomplish 30 goals for myself before I am 30). I thought it would be a great time to update all of you fine folks as to my progress and let you know my current goal obsession. Take a little lookie at all of the numbers crossed makes me more excited than a chocolate covered pretzel ... which some days I could cut someone for. They are that powerful, you feel me?

I am the most proud and excited about #3. The most shocked by #29. Uber thankful for #28 and if you'll notice there is a box around #25....this "buy a ridiculously girly, fun, impractical go-to dress" is my current obsession. Let me introduce you to a contender. I'm head over heels for this dazzling scarlet number from Anthropologie.  The jewels around the collar make me want to giggle and the dress itself makes me want to twirl. At the moment I am convinced it's the siren of all dresses.

So with not too many more to cross off, I am going to be working my booty off over the next month. Help me try to reach as close to 1,000 followers as possible so we can continue to rock the blog world!

Have any of you made your own goal list this year? If so do share? Or can anyone else think of something I need to add to list? I'm up for anything! 
I'll see you lovelies tomorrow on Election day! Don't forget to go get your vote on!


  1. I adore your blog Courtenay, it makes me feel cozy! and we also have so many similarities..I too and looking at 30 in a couple months and I have a little Oliver "Oli" of my own! Can you tell us a little more about how you simplified your closet?? thanks so much xx

  2. I think that dress is divine! I'm definately voting for that contender!!!

  3. Courtney, your blog is awesome! I am 1 more towards your 1,000!

  4. Hi there! I just found you and I think you're super-cool! I am also a freak about color-coordinating my clothes. I even color-code my hangers (I use the plastic ones) ie: tank tops on white hangers, around-the-house tees on red.... I have 2 boys & 1 girl. I use one color hanger for each kiddo. All of Xander's clothes are on blue hangers. I hang everything except socks, unders & jammies. My poor kids are identified by color...if I find a green cup left somewhere, I know it was Ryder, and so forth... I found you on Pinterest because I've been looking for storage ideas for my daughter's leggins/tights (she has over 100 pair :-0 Anyhow, just thought I'd share a bit of my OCD-edness:)
    I'm not very familiar, I guess not at all, with the 'blogging world'. I'd love to follow you, but I have no clue how to do so?
    Have a fantastic day,
    Ame :-)


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