Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Promotion {The Drill Master}

It's official...this blog is in good DIY hands from here on out. I now have promoted Oliver to the title of President of all DIY & "Master Driller"- involved in all creative affairs.

He is taking this promotion very seriously. So seriously that he even drilled open his last Christmas gift ....

...And he could not part with it when going to look at Christmas lights.

He's simply a working man now, with lots of responsibility and there is no turning back.

So many projects to tend to.....

We hope you all had the most amazing holiday together with your families. Santa was very generous to my little boy and my heart was warmed by his belly laughter and excitement. My precious sister in law has been here spending time with us and giving Oliver the gift of family (which is better than anything else he could have unwrapped). I look forward to getting back to our regular routine next week and kicking off the new year together. Much love to all of you.


  1. Congratulations on the promotion, young man! Do you understand what the title entails? Much responsibility!

    John K. Marshall
    "The DrillMaster"

  2. i simply could not be more proud of you and the hubs (or santa) for giving that have done a MOST wonderful thing! LOVE the pix!

  3. Hey Courntey, I love the pictures of Olly and his drill! So whenever he finishes up at your house...send him on down my way. I need me a good man to help me with my D.I.Y. projects! Do you think I could pay him with cookies and milk? LOL!
    By the way I used a picture of your "hanger" coat rack on my blog today I hope you don't mind. If so please let me know. Thanks, Geesha

  4. John he is very serious about this title haha. ;.)

    Thanks J!

    Geesha he loves milk & cookies & a pretty gal like you. And thanks for using the picture...I love it ;.)

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