Thursday, January 3, 2013

Confetti confessions

Well Lovelies... the first week of the new year is coming to an end and I must say this being under the weather thing has had me behind schedule and only wanting to go bra-less and watch the TV versions of Pretty Woman and the original Karate Kid.  I really wanted to post some amazing projects and updates and I just haven't been able to bring myself to do anything of the sort. I have, however, been working on a new way to organize my DIY projects from past & present as a way to make it easier to navigate your way around the ole' blog. I am hoping to have it completed by next week and I cannot wait to see what you all think about it. As for today, since it is Friday, and since this week has had most people in party mode...I thought it might be fun to show you my confetti garland up close (which I used for our fun photo backdrop). I hope sparkles make you as excited as they make me. Because for today that is all I've got to give besides a used Kleenex and a I'll spare you. Here is how simple it was to make.

And when I paired it with leftover tinsel it made me a happy gal & it was the perfect glittery backdrop for our family photos. It would be awesome for any birthday party and not just for our 'New Year shindig'....annnndddddd I'm pretty sure that Julia Roberts & Ralph Macchio would agree with me (at least they have in my brain at this point).

I look forward to seeing you precious peeps on Monday when I am hopefully feeling back to Courtney and a little less dopey. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I just have to say, I'm loving this new blog look! You are so talented and these garlands are adorable as usual!

  2. Yes, I second that, the new blog header is awesome blossom! Well wishes coming your way, feel better soon!

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