Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gettin' my strip on {exciting TV news}

What happens when some crazy person get's an email saying her their sharpie lampshade is going to be referenced on the Marilyn Denis show (Canadian Television)? You get a screaming, celebrating with Starbucks, pretending they're awesome through Hashtags, and basically having an inner freak out moment-kind of person. I know this because, it happened to me yesterday. So if anyone is interested in seeing alittleglassbox referenced on TV, check out the Marilyn Denis show this Thursday at 10am EST on CTV or steam it live on www.marilyn.ca. I'm not sure how quickly it will be flashed across the screen or if it will even make it to air...I just thought the possibility for a TV glimpse was too cool not to share with all of my BFF's. I also heard that Debbie Travis is going to be on the same show. I must say...I swooned and then felt like I wanted to faint twice. How I see it is, my project will be shown on the same show as Debbie Travis...therefore, Debbie Travis and I are also BFF's....That's normal thinking...right?

As for the rest of my weekend....well let's just say, those who were in love with my girl Coral...
Might be a little shocked to know that she stripped over the weekend..yep, bad girl! We used basic stripper from home depot and the results were amazing. There were a few moments that she resembled the face of one of Hannibal Lecter's victim's, but as they say it must get worse before it get's better.

And even though she didn't get any dolla' bills stuffed in her drawers, she still came out on top looking so fresh and so clean. And now she's ready for the next step of her makeover...milk paint! That's right...I'm going Miss Mustard Seed on all of y'all.
So that's where our time was spent over the last three days. I promise to keep you posted on her transformation, she's going to be quite a beauty when she's finished. So tell me, are you crying over the death of Coral or do you trust that she's going to be better than ever?!

I look forward to spending the rest of the week with y'all and having one of my projects on TV! So beyond excited! It makes me want to bust out in song & shake it!

See you tomorrow. *OHHH & today is also the last day to vote for my lampshade*


  1. get it girl! good job on the lampshade!

  2. Congratulation on being on the Marilyn Dennis show! I am from Toronto and know that being on her show is a really big deal! I hope to be on there one day as well :)


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