Thursday, January 10, 2013

my brain was dumb {struggle solved}

It was only a year ago that I was presented with such an amazing opportunity to re-do a tween room. I had four months to plan, shop, paint, re-upholster, design, measure, sew, and transform a room that was lacking in design as well as functionality. I have never been so excited to dream big nor worked so hard on a project and I wasn't the only one. I had a lot of additional help from financial sponsors, the Hubs, and other family members in order to make such a huge makeover happen. It was the longest 7 days of my life, yet some of the most rewarding.

However, soon after the makeover, something happened that I wasn't anticipating. My creativity & desire to design  quickly went dormant. I could still feel it there it was just muffled a bit. I had used up so much of my time and energy designing the bedroom in my head, that when it was finally finished I couldn't bring myself to think of picking out paint colors, fabrics, or re-upholstering anything ever again. I felt like I sort of lost a part of myself. Which made me feel horrible because I would get emails from people asking me design questions or wanting my input and I couldn't come up with answers as easily as before. I felt like something was wrong with me because other bloggers never seemed to be as creatively exhausted as I felt. I just felt plan uninspired but knew some people were looking to me for inspiration. So I took the time to be out of my brain for a while and luckily over the holiday break tons of ideas started to pour through me again and make me feel awakened from my design slumber. 

And as I look back and remember how hard I was working a year ago I am no longer annoyed by the thoughts of when I "used to feel creative" but I am reminded of how much I have missed the energy of good design and fun projects.I have truly missed the nights of laying in bed and running fabric options through my head. I have missed the freedom of mixing patterns and colors and dreaming big. 

So in a wordy way what I guess I am trying to say is... Stella got her groove back y'all and I am ready for something new to create. So thanks for staying with me. Thanks for giving me support everyday. Thanks for not saying something was wrong with me when maybe something just seemed off with me. I am in a good place right now & super excited about making tweaks to the little man's room and I am currently making a plan of attack on the master bedroom. So stay tuned for a lot more in the future. I heart u guys.

Do any of you ever lack inspiration and what does it take for you to get it back? Please share so I don't have to pay for therapy instead.


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  2. Please be validated! I consider myself a crafter at heart. Always have been. From time to time I too run out of creative juice. I have a birthday scrapbook from last August to prove it. All the papers, ribbons, stickers and photos are there I just lost the drive to put it all together. It'll come. It always does. Don't sweat it. I find switching gears to another creative outlet usually gives me the mental break to be reinvorgorated to get back to other ones. There's a difference I think in being creative and being driven. You don't have to be driven ALL the time! Take your time and enjoy yourself otherwise what are you really doing it for?

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Like the commenter above said...."it'll come. It always does."
    When I'm trying to force it [creativity] I just end up frustrated. Inspiration seems to come when I am least expecting it and I find it in the most random/ awkward places. Once I recognized how it "flows" I feel alot better about the lack of creativity and can relax knowing that eventually it will happen.
    Hope that helps because we all know you got it, girl. You are so very talented. So just let it flow. Lol.

  4. I think it happens to everyone! Sometimes, our brains just need a break from the creative overload, and you shouldn't feel bad about it!! Besides, it's much better to create things when you're truly inspired, rather than trying to force something that you just really aren't feeling.

  5. I will follow your blog no matter but I do think you have such a talent in design! Your projects always inspire me and I love that they are accesible to anyone. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Don't you just hate when that happens! I think we have all been there. Courtney if your brain has been on strike lately...or a.k.a. temporarily at of order, then I hate to see what it is like FULL BLAST! I too, think you very talented! I heart you as well!

  7. You are not the only one! Check out my blog, last updated for... Thanksgiving. Just can't muster the spirit to put anything together. I always look at you and think, how does she do it? How does she make it happen even if she does not feel like it. (I assume that sometimes you don't feel like it)Please know that you are an inspiration to me here on this blog even if you are not redecorating the world everyday. I can't wait to see Olly's new room and your new bedroom. Baltimore says werk it gurl!

  8. I think all, ALL, creative people get into a funk every now and again. I can relate to that (And I just called myself creative, ha ha). That is the great thing about creativity. It just comes... you can't will it to come, you have to relax and let it come. It's a fascinating process for sure. I am glad you are out of your funk :)


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