Monday, January 14, 2013

My weekend {in pictures}

It's Monday again you crazy kids and I don't know about you, but my weekend went by way too quickly. I spent time playing with monkey, finishing up my special lamp project, shopping for some fun furniture finds & getting myself ready to blow through a master bedroom makeover. Design boards here I come! I thought since there was so much jam packed into the last few days, I might share some highlights with all of you.

Let me first just say, I wish I had a tenth of the coolness that this lil dude has....I mean seriously, c'mon?!

If it wasn't for him I would have spent the weekend working the entire two days. I love that this little tiny being forces me to take breaks and make time to play (even when it's colder than you know what outside)

We spent some time horsing around on the carousel & I allowed myself to get lost with my camera early Sunday Morning. It was 27 degree and my fingers were frozen, but I was simply trying to capture the beauty that I get to see here every day in West Marin. 

Such a beautiful way to end my weekend and prepare for my upcoming week. This week I am ecstatic to share the design plan for the master bedroom, kick off the DIY lamp challenge, and to fill you in on a chair splurge that I found and purchased. It has my design self dancing and twirling around. I also may have found a good pillow deal for Olly's room....just sayin' 

May your week be good to you & I pray that I may continue to be as productive as I have been. And Looooorrrdddd, may I also continue to get my booty in the gym everyday and tear it up! I hope you lovelies have an awesome Monday! I'll see you throughout the week with some design surprises and a chance for you to win a gift card!


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