Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plastic totes ain't NO fun

I don't know about y'all but it's been so hard to get back into the swing of things the last week. All of my days & nights are jumbled together and I have been down with a no-good dirty cold for three days now....all I really want to do is be able to grab my new running shoes and hit the pavement. However, since that doesn't look like a possibility with my inability to breath at this moment, I figured I would start some organizing. As I'm sure everyone knows by now January is National Organizing Month. Yep, it really does exist. So I recently decided that organization didn't have to be all about clear plastic totes and label makers (yuck) if we decided to be daringly stylish with our organization. So let's throw those ugly containers out in protest because there are some awesome things out there. In fact when I got to shopping via the virtual world I stumbled across some beautiful and functional organizational gems. Here are a few of them for your eye viewing see more check out my latest idea book on Houzz and start following me Pinterest style. You know we will have tons of fun.  

Anyone else drooling over that shoe rack? I know my newest heels would look awesome in them. So get y'alls cute little booties over there and see the other organizing goodies I selected in every price range. So that way we can get our "Operation Be Awesome in 2013" on! Yep, that exists too!

I think the NyQuil's kicking in....because I'm feeling delirious.


  1. i need to do some serious organizing this month. it's at the top my january to-do list. closets, garage, kitchen, you name it!

    hope you feel better, soon!!!

  2. I have those striped bins and I LOVE them!

  3. Love your idea book Courtney - is it wrong to want it all?

  4. I am now actively scouring my house for stuff that is in need of organizing, just for the purpose of owning those black striped bins!

  5. Courtney, I hope you are feeling better soon!


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