Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A fox & an arrow walk into a bar

....okay, maybe not. I'm really not even sure how that joke could have played out...but let's just say I'm delirious after spending all day working with paper. I was asked a few weeks ago for good ideas for school Valentine treats & I thought these would be considered rockstar status. They could be special for any party or get together. The best part is that they were wallet friendly. Both cost approximately a $1 per box and would be an awesome treat (filled with sweet chocolates of course).

Both boxes were made with a little bit of paper, glue dots, glitter hearts, sharpie pen and tissue paper. Here were the basics of how I made the 'arrow through the heart' box.

I hope this helps some of you with some ideas for next week. I've got another fun project that I finished and can't wait to show you later this week. It's fun, girly, and sways in the wind. Any guesses?

See you lovelies later!


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