Monday, February 11, 2013

Jewelry display case {diy}

Well guys, this weekend I made a jewelry display case that makes me over the moon happy. It's my most favorite/easiest projects that I've completed in a while.
As you know, I am a sucker for anything that sparkles which is code for "I own quite a bit of fun bling". The problem is that being a stay at home mom doesn't call for a lot of sparkle wearing...except for when I'm doing the dishes of course. So I wanted to make a small display case so I could look at my shiny gals every day and not have to wear them to appreciate them and see their sparkle.
It only cost me $12 which was the cost of a beautiful shadow box from TJMaxx. Super steal!

Everything else I needed I already had: scissors, glue dots, lace, pliers, and some felt. Here is how I did it.

             I used glue dots to attach it to the back 

               I used lace as an overlay inside the box

 I put it on my dresser and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I just imagine I am "shopping" in a display case at Banana Republic or JCREW and then I feel special.

What do y'all think? Pretty much the best $12 ever spent, right?! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday you better get back to work and then stop off at TJMaxx on the way home so you can make one too. What a great Valentine Day gift idea! See you lovelies tomorrow.


  1. Wow! love the idea with the lace, I make mine with chicken wire and a fabric backing. Loving your idea

  2. Oh my gosh, I adore this! What a fabulous idea... I love the mix of the rustic wood and lace! BTW, you're sparkly, broach like earrings are to die for, I want them all. :)

  3. Love this DIY. Of course it helps if you got some pretties to put inside. I have way too many earrings (not so much on necklaces and bracelets). Keep it up! I love these kinds of ideas!

  4. I love your Bling!! Great job on your jewerly case!☺

  5. I just took your house tour - coming over from Unskinny bobby. I am blown away by your creativity. I love how you put together fabric, texture, patterns. I love how you are going that extra mile putting thought into every little detail. WOW!! So amazing. Me <---- signed up for your rss feed ;)

    I can't wait to go explore more of your site!

  6. It's great! What did u use to hang them up?

  7. Thanks y'all! You guys are some amazing blog sparkle ;.)
    Welcome katja!

    And I didn't have to hang them inside the box since it sits on my dresser ;.) hope this helps. Xoxo

  8. Ok, I'm really digging the whole box but what I'm really really loving is those goldish necklaces in the middle. Where did they come from because I love love them!

  9. Lauren you make me laugh! I got them from jcrew nearly 2 years ago.... They have great jewelry! So glad u can appreciate the bling xoxo


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