Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sheet strike & toy action

Today is sort of a fun and ridiculous post about my shenanigans with toys recently. But before I show you how completely loony I am, I must get something off my chest. I'm just going to throw it out there (even though it might be heavy for a Tuesday). I loath fitted sheets and hate that they exist. Can I get an amen? My distaste for them has quickly morphed into despising them, which has now turned into wishing they didn't exist. So I decided to turn that hatred into a declaration that I am resigning as the household fitted sheet folder. Do you hear that hubs? It's not my job. I'll scrub the toilet, I'll take out the trash  There are other chores I am willing to take on but this one no longer exists to me. If I have to fold another one it may result in all fitted sheets being "lost" in the dryer and sent to join all of the discarded dryer sock mates. Just sayin'. Does anyone else out there feel my pain or have I completely lost my mind? Well, If I have given you any reason today to doubt my sanity so far, just a keep on reading....it's about to be questioned a whole lot more.

As I told you guys yesterday, I recently celebrated my friend's 30th birthday. And we sort of have a tradition that I make his birthday gift most years. This year I got down right funky with some toys while the little man was napping. And don't worry....no toys were hurt in the making of this particular birthday book. I wanted to give you guys a little peek as to what I have been up to and how I have been "practicing my photography" ....playing with toys. Here are a few pages from his homemade birthday book.

I know it may seem a little cooky. But, c'mon who doesn't love a ninja cutting a birthday cake? It was such a fun project and I was so thankful my little man takes long enough naps for me to "borrow" his toys.

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday! Don't forget that tomorrow is Want it for less Wednesday! I am excited about a little DIY I have up my sleeve.

See y'all tomorrow.


  1. lucky friend to get such a cool funky gift!
    fitted sheets are the demise of society, btw.

  2. Very cute book! I have my boys help me fold the fitted sheets. We each take 2 corners and fold together. Repeat, repeat, repeat. They are still a messy mess, but it's better for my sanity. There is a nice way to use a flat sheet as your fitted sheet. It works! It's on Martha Stewart website. You know what drives me crazy - when you buy a blanket and you try to fold it and the ends don't match up because thy cut it wrong or something and you can't get a nice uniform fold. Drives me so crazy I get rid of them :)

  3. Luv the book what a great idea. Your friend is going to really get a kick out of it. Oh and BTW I stopped using fitted years ago I buy extra large sheets and (like a queen flat for a full) and tuck them in works like a charm and I don't have to struggle to fold a fitted sheet.

  4. All of y'alls ideas are awesome! Thanks for being so understanding and glad my book made you guys laugh a little too and not want to commit me to the funny farm.


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