Wednesday, February 27, 2013

want it for less Wednesday {gold task lamp}

Well, it's Wednesday and you know that means... it's "I want it for less Wednesday". I really do love the idea of this being a weekly series because it challenges me to save some more beans for a rainy day and to still get the look I want. What can I say...I heart saving money. So today's look-a-like switcharoo is a gold/brass task lamp for the new desk area of my master bedroom. It is also sort of giving you a little sneak peek into some of the changes I am making-shhhhh. 
I have seriously been on the hunt for a beautiful gold lamp and all of them are a tad pricey (ranging from $150 up to $350). I just knew I could DIY it for less and get the same look without the panic attack and long commitment (sorry Mr. Lamp I don't do long term decor relationships). Here is the look of the lamp I wanted. The lil' adjustable knobs make me swoon.

Here is what I used to make one for less.

The results made me really excited because the savings helped me to make my bedroom redo budget stretch more. 

I was even able to get all of the little knob details on it. The total time I spent for this project was less than two hours (because all I had to do was rub the rub-n-buff on the metal lamp with a cloth and let dry). And my cost was $35. 

Not too bad right?! And now with the money saved I decided to recover a bench for the foot of my bed and add some tufting. Can't wait to share that project with you all soon. It's almost finished. 

I hope your week is treating you with kindness because you all deserve it. 


  1. That is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing - I think I may try this as well! Where did you fine the rub and buff?

  2. Thanks Meg! I just bought mine from michaels with a coupon 😬

  3. I love it. Do you just do a little at a time, so your hand doesn't smear what you've done? I always use spray paint & I really like this look, So if you can give me some pointers. Can you use this on other type surfaces? Btw, you look so beautiful in all your pics. Your inner beauty shines as brightly as your physical beauty! God bless you. Sherri

  4. The suspense is killing me when it comes to your room. I can't wait to see it finished! xo, Kayleigh

  5. Looks awesome! I too fell in love with rub 'n buff and have done a couple projects with it. My house now how a gold sunburst mirror, gold jack, and pair of gold arrow wall-hangings. :)

  6. I did the same thing with the Ikea lamp! I found mine at Goodwill and it need a little extra cleaning. The lamp looks so good in gold!

  7. Wow Courntey, how chic! And the price...girl you nailed! Go Q-pons! I just finished my coffee table, wish I had know about the rub n buff about a week ago. But I l♥ve how it turned out! You should take a look it! I like "want it for less Wednesdays"!

  8. Thanks guys!!!! You are all too sweet & I adore you! I love that some of you have done this project too...we are all so crafty, that's why we're bff's!'re too too sweet. This is my first time using rub-n-buff so I am not sure what "advice" to give except I think it is super hard to screw this process up. You simply rub it into the metal and I love the coverage and texture more than just spray paint. I am about to try it on a wood frame which is says it will work on. I will keep you updated with how it takes to future projects.

  9. **Also Rub-n-buff can be purchased online or I bought mine at Michael's craft store.

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