Monday, March 18, 2013

Chocolate donuts & green tricycles {our weekend in pictures}

This weekend was the best. It was two fun days filled with a trip to the carousel, donut shop, park & even time outs for (my favorite) long naps. We also surprised the little man with his first tricycle yesterday. Being outside, feeling relaxed, being was exactly what I needed. So many times I forget to take time out to embrace these moments because I am working on a project, editing photos or sitting in front of my computer screen. This weekend showed me that I need to start working more on balancing being a mom so I can enjoy more time with my family, as well as, still finding time to be a blogger, writer, photographer, friend, daughter, wife, and gym rat (you know I've still got to get my workout on). A lot of times during the day I am cleaning the house, brainstorming projects, writing emails, taking care of Oliver...& then shifting into my second job in the evenings of editing photos, writing posts, working on graphics, going to the gym or for a run...I feel like I am always working. And I'm okay with long as I continue to make special work-free weekends a priority. So this weekend truly was good for my soul as hokey as that sounds. I am so thankful for all of the smiles, giggles, and extra kisses. Its prepared me for my week & motivated me to work hard so I can play even harder

I hope you all had your own magical "tricycle, carousel, tree-climbing moments" & it refreshed you for a new week as well. My mom will be here tomorrow...I have another bedroom project to share with you sweet peeps, I have some intense dental work happening on Friday, & an upcoming trip to the it will be an interesting week for me. You can follow all of the crazy moments here

Thanks for letting me share my kiddo and mommy moments with you guys....I'll see all you lovelies tomorrow. 


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