Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Headboard Happenings

My headboard is by far one of the biggest scores of my bedroom re-do to date. I was budgeting $400-$500 for the kind of headboard I wanted. I wanted to go neutral since I had previously had a pattern on my headboard and I wanted it to be tall, padded and ultimately not homemade. Quite the checklist.

 Then I found this little curvaceous beauty at Kirklands on sale (after I received an additional discount by talking to the store manager) it only cost me a grand total of $177. I was immediately on a money saving high. The money I saved allowed me to spend more on my bedding, which made my white sheet lovin' self, uber excited. What can I say....a bargain makes me dance.
 Also excuse the unmade sheets on the bed. You'll be seeing it all made up as part of tomorrow's "want it for less Wednesday"-I promise I normally have better manners than that!

I feel like her curves are begging for some gold nail head trim just to add an extra touch of luxury. So what do you think? Wasn't it worth the money?

See you lovelies tomorrow for some more money saving awesomeness.


  1. that's an amazing score! I got goosebumps just reading about your incredible bargain and I 've to say that's one sexy headboard.

  2. Thanks girlie! I felt like a master bargain finder....that's right... I saved some bills lol xoxo

  3. LOVE it! The color is absolutely delicious!

  4. You have to tell us how you talked the manager in to such an awesome deal!

  5. Dang Girl! I am with Jo...we have to know your secret!

  6. You ladies are amazingly sweet! And JO & GEESHA I simply just asked if I purchased the last one they had in stock if they could give it to me for any cheaper since I lived far away and was going to have to bring a trailer back to come and get it. They were quick to offer me 15% off the already sale price. I have found that if I just ask, most times they are willing to budge a little to make the sale. xoxo


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