Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Smitten over these {Spring edition}

What up my lovelies? Today is a special day because my mom comes for a visit...which may sound a little silly because I am 30 years old, but she really is one of my best friends and I haven't seen her for nearly five months. When she comes to visit it's an excuse to stay up late, DIY projects together, eat sweet goodies, and laugh. However, I did inform her that this time she better pack her tennis shoes because she will be heading to the gym with me every night. But before I head to the airport and start photographing tomorrow's 'want it for less' project, I wanted to share what I have currently been wearing, lusting after, & loving with all of you....I blame it on late night pinterest perusing.

clutch. jacket. polish. sports bra. tote. watch

I cannot tell you how much I am in love with all of these items & how I am dying to get my hands on that MK tote. What can you simply not live without these days? Tell me. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. I have one bottle of Essie nail polish and THAT'S the colour! ballet slippers... get out of my mind AND a rose gold watch is on my birthday want list AND I have 5 denim jackets - true story - wear them all the time. I'm telling you, you're my virtual sister.

  2. Sara K!!! We are virtual sisters and truly Bff's! You make me laugh. I found a denim jacket finally last night and I adore it...not to mention it was a $20 score...wowza's!!!! We totally need to try and meet up some time and go shopping! xoxo

  3. Hello Fellow BYW Student!

    I was just checking out our classes blogroll and stumbled across your blog! I love the look and layout. It's incredible.

    How are you liking blog bloss?


  4. Thank you so much Stacey! You're so sweet. I am loving the class just wishing I wasn't so busy this month while also taking the class. Thankful for the PDF'S to refer back to. Thanks so much for visiting the blog.


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