Monday, March 25, 2013

spring colors {my weekend in pics}

It's Monday!!! Let me just first say I missed you guys on Friday but due to it being "D" day a.k.a. "dentist day" I wasn't able to join in on the blog fun. However, I must say that my dentist is a true genius and the procedure went amazingly well. So this weekend I spent some time celebrating no more dental millionth blog view, my mom being in town, and all of the gorgeous spring colors.

The last two days were filled with bright skies and cool temps which meant we spent out time at the zoo and the beach. I not only came back with lots of photos of the little man, but lots of new fresh color inspiration.

I fell victim to the colors of the ocean, became BFF's with a peacock, and also became quite enamored by bright corals and pinks that were sprinkled throughout the zoo. Here are my current color obsessions.

What did you do this weekend? Anyone else take a little time to stick their toes in the sand and cast all their worries into the depths of the sea?

I'm looking forward to a fun week with you all while I get back into my blog & workout routine. So let's kick Monday's butt together, shall we?! And I will see y'all tomorrow!


  1. So what did we do this weekend? Shoveled more snow! Ugh! Snow is beautiful, but it lost some of its charm a while back. However, we are painting a guest bedroom a color in your peacock palette and that is perking us up!

  2. You poor thing....I am sending warm wishes your way.... xoxo

  3. What do you use to find your color palettes? I'm trying to find a good resource to use but am having no luck!

  4. Hi Hallie! I actually took the photos myself and then use my color tool that pulls colors out of the pictures on my computer. I hope this helps.

  5. That helps so much!!! Thank you! I love reading your blog and look forward to opening my email and see the wonderful things you write about! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! (:


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