Monday, March 4, 2013

styling photos {kiddo photography sessions}

It's Monday y'all & I thought a great way to kick off a new week would be by saving you some money or at least sharing one way that I do. I did a photo shoot of a sweet little girl last week and I also had the pleasure of styling her outfit. I didn't want her outfit to be hard on the wallet so I put a more expensive look together for less. I have found that a lot of times when I put up pictures from Oliver's photo-shoots a lot of you email me or comment and ask where I shop for his clothes. I think people believe that I spend a lot of money. The truth is I am always looking for inspiration outfits to copy. I often think the less expensive outfit looks better on camera and I don't feel scared to have the kids play in their clothes in order to capture that perfect picture. Here was how I styled Emma:

The Original look is from JCEW kids & the copycat look is from Target

And for $120 savings, I think she looked amazing. Here are some of my favorite photos of this precious diva. 

And I didn't forget the boys....While I was out and about shopping this weekend, I fell in love with this toddler boy outfit from JCREW. However, we all know I have no business shopping for a toddler at JCREW (unless I'm making Oprah money). So I was determined to come home and piece the look together for less. Here is what I came up with:

 Original Outfit  Copy cat version: White shirt, vest, tie, shorts, hat
For nearly $150 savings I was pretty happy with the outcome. And saving money personally gives me piece of mind because he is constantly growing and dirtying his clothes (like a typical little boy should). 

So there you secrets out of the bag. If you want your kiddos to look like a million bucks for a photo shoot save money on the outfit and splurge on the photography session. 

See you lovelies tomorrow. 


  1. have I told you lately how much I love you (and denim jackets?) well it's true.

    I wish you just just lived down the street and we could craft and decorate and do photo shoots for no reason (other than we're awesome and we can).

  2. Ahhh girl! You know I'm smitten for you too! I think we could totally rock out photo sessions of our cute kiddos if we lived closer...well, if we weren't people watching at the mall, or decorating, or eating....have a great week!

  3. Courtney you are a wo-man show...get it?? Ok, I hope that wasn't lame! You have so many talents! You're unstoppable! I love how you styled this little diva. So posh!

  4. tooooooo cute! how'd she get up on that rock?!

  5. These pictures are awesome! I had no idea you did photography on the side... Will you please come to TN, do a photo shoot of me, the hubs and our fur babies and then go shopping with me and help style my house?? :)

  6. The pictures are beautiful! You can see so much of the little girl's personality shining through - even though we've never met her. The outfit is are those sunglasses.

    KD - Winter Springs, FL

  7. you guys are the best! Geesha you CRACK ME UP! KD the glasses were $1.99 from Old Navy ;.)

    Christine I am DOWN for a trip to TN. anytime girl, anytime. Pictures, shopping, styling I'm up for it all. haha!


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