Wednesday, April 10, 2013

hometown homies {back to life}

Hello y'all! I came back home yesterday toting some of my Texas accent and a lot of fun memories! I promise to get back to "want it for less Wednesday" next week but I just had to pop in today and say hello because I missed the ole' blog world  & all of you.

So now that I'm back, it's time for me to take the polish off my nails and get back to doing what I do... Starting with my normal routine of making oatmeal and taking a morning walk with the boy, with a side of house cleaning and laundry and email answering. Exciting, right? I must admit, it excites me! For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I got to spend some time in the city, throw back a few cocktails, get dressed up for fun nights out, and even get some major sparkle shopping on. It was so nice to escape for a few days and not be a mom or a wife or a blogger...but just Courtney perusing the streets of Houston, window shopping and taking the time to sip some tea and brunch with the ladies.

During my trip I learned a few things I love about staying in a hotel alone...
*You can leave dirty towels on the floor without any guilt...
*You can sleep late by simply hanging a sign on the door...I want one of those bad boys for home.  
*You can fall asleep with the TV on and not be bothering anyone else
*You can pretend you're mysterious when in an elevator with random people instead of just being shy.
*You can totally eat a gummy bear or piece of chocolate for breakfast because you don't have access to a  
    pantry. Girls gotta eat'

It was fantastic & just the recharge I needed. And even though I absolutely hated saying goodbye to my best friends and family, I was anxious to get back to the rolling hills, hiking trails & climbing roses...the bakery on the corner, the beautiful sunsets and the slow pace of Point Reyes. Not to mention I was missing my little man more than words can say. But all of that was remedied in one quick moment when he ran up to me at the airport with a flower in his hand..."mama flower"...and gave me a huge hug.

It's always fun to go away...but even better to come back home.
See you back for our regularly scheduled program tomorrow!


  1. can't beat the kiddo running up to you with a flower! yea boiiii!


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