Thursday, April 25, 2013

My attempt at throwback Thursday {design edition}

I don't know about you guys, but I have sort of been digging the idea of throwback Thursdays on Instagram and facebook. It has been fun to remember past moments for a few short minutes each week and be appreciative of where we have been, what we have learned, and where we are going. I'm sort of a strange gal and I like to look back on the evolution of my design aesthetic. It is really funny for me to look back at what style I used to gravitate towards and how it has continuously changed (Thank goodness I'm not still into Leonardo DiCaprio posters). As well as, how much money or lack of money dictated how I decorated. So I thought I would try to work a bonus throwback post in today in the spirit of it all and share some of my past.

Eight years ago my hubs and I lived in these industrial modern lofts in downtown Petaluma, which was a smaller and much more quaint downtown compared to Houston where I was from.

We lived across from a movie theater which was our form of entertainment. Not because we went to see a lot of movies, but because I was a full time student and we had no money, so we would people watch. We were actually beyond rent poor and lived on only $30 a week for groceries which was nearly impossible in California, but so worth it to be young and living in those lofts. We would open up our huge arched doors and listen to all the people walking up and down the streets. We would watch the couples going into the theater and guess how long they had been dating. We could smell the food from the delicious restaurant downstairs and dream of dipping a piece of bread into white truffle oil and balsamic which they were known for. We could even hear jazz played over the weekends during brunch and listen each night to a homeless man who played his trumpet for extra change. It was overall a magical time for us in our lives together. 

When it came to decorating I daydreamed of a loft that resembled this...

Source unknown via Pinterest

However, my budget was far from creating that. I quickly discovered the awesomeness of HGTV and I learned how to DIY painted canvases, use coupons at Michaels, and how to recover chairs I purchased from the Goodwill for $5. Our loft ended up looking more like this:

        Our real loft...not the best pictures but it gives you an idea. 
But at the time I was very proud of it. The only thing I would have really loved for our studio loft would have been to have a little more privacy with modern sliding doors considering we were newly married. Or even a set of accordion doors that felt chic and very Sex & the City-ish. But since we didn't, modesty quickly vanished and we ultimately were forced to learn to be really great sharers in a tiny space. Because at the end of the day, even though there wasn't a lot of space and we were was still our space and we were living in it and decorating it together. 

I think back on those days often especially since we live only 25 minutes from Petaluma now. It was such a simpler time when I didn't have an entire matching set of dishes and I had to decorate around my hubby's huge surround sound speakers which were copper colored (oh yes, I was a design saint to have let that happen). It's when I take the time to appreciate those moments and to look at past photos of where we have lived, that helps me to be thankful for my evolution of my own taste and design style. I'm also very grateful to have a partner throughout this style journey who is there to watch projects fail, succeed, and sometimes die on the chopping block before they were ever even finished.

**So I am challenging you to throwback this Thursday "design style". Remember where you started, the first room you decorated, the budget you has it changed, how have you changed, have you changed as a couple?

See you lovelies tomorrow! Don't forget to enter the giveaway from yesterday.


  1. It seemed great ! I love how you describe the atmosphere coming from the street ! I kinda have the same memories from when I lived in Paris ...

  2. Ummm Marianne I think living in Paris sounds wayyyyy cooler! That's fantastic and I bet a wonderful experience! Xoxo

  3. Love Throw Back Thursday! I love the idea of looking back at where we've come from and the appreciation for where we are now that it brings! Happy Friday!


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