Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Queen of Versailles {be warned-this post is anything but normal}

Oh my goodness y'all....the post I was going to originally put up today is being delayed. Why? Because I spent two hours last night glued to the TV watching Queen of Versailles on Bravo & I just had to address it. What can I say... I am a sucker for any documentary or trashy reality show, I just can't bring myself to look away. Please don't judge me. Did any of you guys watch it? I sort of sat there in shock unable to take my eyes off the chaos that was happening in front of me. Pretty sure after it was over my mind was racing with millions of questions. I was thinking about it so much I couldn't get my thoughts together to write anything else and so I just had to discuss it. I know, silly right?! One good thing that came from watching it was that I was able to immediately compile a list of all the things I am so thankful for....(none of which were stuffed dogs or a husband who calls me an old hag by the way). There are also a few other things I was sure about...
1. No matter how broke I have been or how poor I will be in the future, I will not allow myself to live around     floating fish, dead lizards, or lots of dog "caca".
2. I'm also sure I will never have a Nanny live in a play house in my backyard. Or hopefully anyone for that matter.
3. I will also never ask a nanny to dress as a reindeer...(okay, maybe this one might happen. Never say never, right?)
4. Nor will I publicly admit that I keep having kids because I have said Nannies.
In all seriousness, I felt like their family was disconnected and there was a lot of sadness going on & I'm not trying to pass judgment but it just made me so thankful for my life and my family. I love knowing that we may not be rich enough to build the largest house in America but we love one another enough to sit together for dinner on a regular basis and to talk about the important things (like finances).
I appreciated their honesty & allowing us to see inside their lives and I wish them nothing but a bright future but I'm just saying I have a whole new perspective on what happens within our house.

I know for any of you that are still reading this you think I have lost my mind to be ranting about this or paying it any mind after I turned off the TV. But I just had to know what you guys were thinking? 17,000 dollar boots? 30 bathrooms?  Yet the live among dog droppings and survive on McDonald's...  I am so confused! Tell me I am not alone. Pretty please?!

Seriously comment...I want to know what you all think. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Be back tomorrow with the regularly scheduled program folks.


  1. What a crazy documentary right? That scene where they went Christmas shopping as Walmart crazy. The garage was filled with bikes and she went out and got a few more for Christmas!

  2. We watched this a few weeks ago on Netflix. It was jaw dropping. I was stunned by how much they had and continued to acquire, like all the bikes. And they had such a huge house that was just filled with crap, everywhere. How could they and why did they have so many things. It's just gross how they had so many resources and things available to them and lives like animals. No one, no matter what your economic situation should live with dead animals and feces. So yes, disgusting and sad, and a great representation that money does not buy you happiness.

  3. I agree...I thought it was actually a sad commentary on their lives. It seemed like they were definitely trying to feel an emotional void with buying so many things...no thought when into the gifts and the kids didn't appreciate it.

    Defintely thankful for my life, too.

  4. i was just in awe of the excess and the disconnectedness of it all. THe Christmas shopping was just bizarre. I can't understand why she got multiples of the game and all those bikes when they had a garage full of bikes...and the Nanny living in the play house was just bizarre. It made me incredibly thankful for my life. I have a fabulous kid and a wonderful husband. we may not be wealthy but our lives are rich and full.

  5. Ah! I watched that trainwreck a few weeks ago on Netflix. -- utterly engrossing and disturbing. I thought it was like a high-end, entertaining version of the show "Hoarders."

  6. I watched it on Netflix too and had basically the same thoughts as you and everybody else! When she said they were "bursting at the seams in a 50,000 square foot house" so they needed a 90,000 square foot house with a sushi bar, bowling, ice/roller skating--I about died! And I've never been one to be critical of someone's wealth that they have worked hard for, but it was like they spend for the sake of spending (garage full of bikes they were adding more bikes too) as they laid off thousands of people struggling to make ends meet! And as far as the state of their home because they "didn't have staff," I looked at my husband and said, "teach your kids to freaking clean up after themselves!" Seriously, I could go on forever! And I'm glad you mentioned the kids/nannies thing, that was just totally sad! Especially when they said "we've cut back everywhere we can" as they go home to nannies, a housekeeper, and another lady cooking their dinner which she sat there and complained about. Like I said, I could go on forever. Mind boggling!

  7. I agree- that documentary really was impactful.

    I think the saddest part was the scene when one of the little boys was curled up in the Nanny's little bed in her small room. He didn't want his big room with lots of toys. He wanted to be close to the only one who offered him softness and really knew him.

  8. I am so glad all of you are where I am at with this. I can honestly say I have thought about moments of that documentary throughout my days the past few days. So sad. So real. So many things...just so very thankful.
    You guys are the best!


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