Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art display {I'm strange y'all}

You guys are probably going to think I am crazy by the end of this post, but I'm okay with that...I know y'all love me like I love y'all! I have this weird thing I do. I save beautiful butterflies & dragonflies that I find that have passed away. Crazy right? Maybe on the verge of looney? Maybe. I may have recently gone on a walk with a pregnant friend, found a huge moth and sent her on a hunt for a box and carried it home. True story. I just can't stand the idea of them dying and their beauty being lost to the wind. Most of their wings are tattered but it just reminds me of the beauty that can be found in imperfection. So yesterday I decided to protect these little critters in a shadow box and display them for all to enjoy.

They're so delicate with such gorgeous details. Only nature can deliver such unrefined style. So...have I scared you away yet? Still be my friend, pretty please?!
They now have a new home on my hutch shelves and I am thinking about eventually painting the outside of the shadow box another color. But this works for now.

So now I need to go find an insect collecting anonymous support group and I'll holla' at y'all later. 
Hi, I'm Courtney and I collect pretties with wings...."Hi Courtney"

See y'all tomorrow!


  1. I love these but have heard that they'll begin to decay unless you freeze them(now THAT would be weird, right?)Do you know if thats true?

  2. I hadn't heard that but now I'm going to do some research for sure. I did happen to freeze the moth to kill bugs so maybe there is truth to it. Thanks for the tip because I don't want to lose these lovelies! Xoxoxozi

  3. I LOVE this and don't find it weird in the slightest! Then again, I have a thing for winged creatures. My mom has a moth almost identical to yours that she has propped in a rustic lantern by a candle. I eyeball that baby everytime I'm at her house!

  4. Oh man! Now I am even more in love with you and your blog! In my freezer right now there are three winged beauties! I collect them too :) I haven't put them on display yet as we have only just moved in to our new home this year, and my DIY projects are slow going right now (shethrifts/with_my_whole_heart). I just went to go check what colours they are; Yellow with polka dots, black and yellow (both moths) and one black and white butterfly :)
    Let me know how you get on with the support group ;)


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