Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family Style {gone shopping}

Our upcoming trip to Texas is only two weeks away. I can't believe it's already here since we've been counting down for six months. While taking the leave time, my mom would like to get a family picture taken. To give you an idea of when the last "official" family picture was taken...the Hubs and I weren't yet married, there has been a trade out of brother in-laws, there are four new grandchildren who have yet to be introduced... Not to mention some more grey hairs and hundreds of pounds lost and gained by all of us. So it's been a loonnnngggg time. 
I digress...  We were all told to wear bright colors (which can include a pop of pattern) paired with denim. Here is what I have put together for my little family.
Dress, Jacket, Necklace, Belt 
Shirt, Shoes, Tie
Polo, Bracelet, sneakers, jeans

I love my $13 dress. What a steal. I must say I am all about outdoor pictures with lots of fun color...but I told my mom that next time we need to keep it a bit more classy and take a photo like this one. It is seriously epic. What did you guys do for your last family photo?


  1. We did camo and shotguns the last time we did a family picture. Sort of a Duck Commander thing WITHOUT the beards ;)


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