Friday, May 10, 2013

Love, Mom {a personal post}

Mother's day has changed what it means to to me since I have become a mother. I now can truly appreciate the sacrifices my mother made for me and recognize how easy it can be to lose yourself when taking care of so many other people. Growing up I had divorced parents and life seemed to be a bit rocky at times. Step parents, new siblings, can all be pretty tough to handle. Luckily, I had one thing to get me through all of those moments, I had my mother.
When I was younger the one thing I looked forward to the most was opening up my lunchbox to see a note scribbled from her on my napkin...always ending with Love, Mom. Soon my lunch boxes became paper sacks...and paper sacks turned into lunch money. She would still leave me an occasional note sitting next to my lunch money telling me 'to have a good day'- Love, Mom. Those  two little words planted themselves into my heart without me ever knowing it. They were the two little words that stayed with me even though I would say I hated her in the heat of an argument. They were the two little words I took with me when I drove off to college and they are the two little words I depend on at the end of every letter, every card, every present, and every care package I receive from thousands of miles away. They are able to make a day seem brighter, the distance between us vanish, and the impossible seem possible. I believe every mother is far from perfect. I believe as mother's we do the best we know how which makes us pretty incredible. I believe in times where my mother was not too sure of much, she was sure of at least one thing....she knew how to love us. So today I want to say to my mother, who is busy in her flower shop creating beautiful bouquets for all the other mother's being celebrated this weekend...that you are one of the very best. You were exactly who I needed and that's why I was given to you. You've taught me some of the most beautiful lessons in life. So it only seems fitting after thirty years of hearing two reassuring words from you, that today you should hear three special ones from me. I love you. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing mama's out there! Enjoy your weekend and remember the beauty behind every nose you have wiped, every diaper you have changed, every eye roll you have received, every piece of advice you have given, every dressing room battle you have lost, and every tear you have caught on your shoulder. You are what's beautiful with the world. You are what make us all into better people. 


  1. to a little glass box, happy mothers day.
    to a little glass box's momma, happy mothers day.
    to mimi, happy mothers day.
    to my momma, happy mothers day.
    sometimes as commenters on this blog we only write to a little glass box and not really to the other readers...
    to all the mommas that read this blog, happy mothers day to you too ;)

  2. What a wonderful post, so well said! Moms are so very special, they are the flowers in life that make things bright and beautiful. This Mother's Day holds special meaning as I just found out I'm going to be a mom! :)
    Happy Mother's Day, Courtney! And Happy Mother's Day to all the other readers!

  3. What a beautiful post. The best I've read so far. Happy Mother's day Courtney.

  4. How precious and sweet, Daughter. I didn't skip the blog on purpose today but was too busy making flowers for other mothers, just as you said. But Mimi called me at 11:30 p.m.)and told me I had to read it before going to bed and I am so glad I did. I am so glad you had the viewpoint that you did in your childhood and growing up. Things weren't always great, but I am relieved that they were as good as all that from your perspective. We have always been blessed! You have given me many wonderful memories and now we are making them with your adorable Olly. Thanks for the sweet words - I could never want a better gift. It is so flattering to see the fantastic mother you have become - look at the long line of great moms you have followed! Love,MoM

  5. Thanks, jmck! Happy Mother's Day to your mom from me, too! Talk about lunch notes, she takes the cake!

  6. Thanks guys!!! And Christine I'm over the moon excited for YOU!

  7. Thank you so much! There are no words for how excited me and my hubby are!

  8. Christine it's going to be so much fun & just think of the awesomeness you can create for your nursery :.)

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