Friday, May 31, 2013

Photography Actions {Freebie alert}

I am so excited today is Friday!!! I have a busy weekend of packing and preparing for our trip next week ahead of me. But before I signed off for the weekend I wanted to share some awesome photo editing actions that I discovered this week, that have totally been rocking my world. You wanna know the best part? They're free (thanks so the Pioneer Woman)!

Here is some of their awesomeness in action. 

Pretty fantastic, right?! So make sure and get your cute little booty over there and download them. 

I hope you have a great weekend! I would LOVE any tips you may have for packing/enjoying a cruise. 


  1. Ha that's awesome. I have been using these free actions for a while now and love them so much! Good to see a fellow blogger getting some love out of them also, if you like these you would LOVE Paint the moons free actions. (you have to like her on facebook to get them but oh are they so amazing!

  2. Cruise packing: My mom & I cruise together every year, here are a few things you'll want to consider taking along:
    ~power strip (there is generally only 1 plug in the entire cabin, heaven forbid you should want to charge your phone AND your ipad!
    ~Thermal mug or cup. Refills in the buffet are great, but the cups are tiny!
    ~Over the door shoe organizer: My mom & I don't need this when it's just the 2 of us, but when cruising with my family I always take a cheapie over the door shoe organizer to hang on the bathroom door for everyone's STUFF. The bathroom are already tiny, helps to get everything off the counter.
    ~Finally, if you can, make a stop by a drug store on your way to the ship. We ALWAYS buy a case of water and our soda of choice and check it to the ship as luggage. Just slap a tag on it! They'll deliver it to your cabin and you won't have to pay ship prices. (Note: they will do this for any NON-ALCHOHOLIC beverages you bring on board.
    Above all, have fun! We love cruising!!!

  3. I was quarantined with the norovirus on a cruise a few years ago. I still get nervous going on them -- so I always bring lots of hand sanitizer and Imodium.

  4. Thanks for the traveling tips! Praying I wont get sick now lol.

    Thanks Bethany I am all over it! xoxoxoxo


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