Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cute kids Travel pack {it's vacation time}

We are officially off to the Lone Star state today. Where in a few days we will be boarding a ship that is going to whisk us away to sandy beaches and clear blue waters. This is the first plane ride the little man is actually aware of what is happening and he is very excited. So I decided we needed to have a travel fun pack ready for his big trip (and to help momma out...I ain't gonna lie). And I'm such a cornball I decided to make it vacation & crusin' the seas themed.

Here is what the little man is going to be surprised with today as soon as we board our plane.

I was really proud of my "goldfish & ahoy" snacks and totally wanted to do flips in the bookstore when I saw "The Night Before Summer Vacation". I know it's completely silly but these are the little things that make this gal excited about being a mom. The Hubs is also putting "Shark Tales" & other sea inspired movies on his new Innotab 2. And what can I even say about a shark backpack (from Gap) and Sardine the cat blabla?! I really have no words. I hope the little man is as excited as I am. Wish us luck and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE Blah Blahs! I still have all my sons Blah blahs!


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