Friday, June 7, 2013

oh the places they'll go {& blabla's instagram contest}

Well we all made it to Friday and I must say I am loving the idea of this weekend. Family pictures, catching up, eating chips and queso and getting ready to embark the Carnival Magic... It doesn't get much better. I hope you all have just as much of a lovely weekend planned so we can enjoy this time of year together. The Hubs and I are so over the moon about this vacation because it's our first real vacation in over 9 years together. Crazy, right?!  One of the passengers on board this cruise is Olly's new pal, Sardine the cat.

I also was able to bring along Harmony the mermaid for my sweet 6 year old niece. During the trip I will be capturing all the places they will go via Instagram. I wanted you guys to be able to get in on the fun blabla Instagram action because they're hosting an awesome contest this summer. You seriously need to check it out. And just a little secret between you & me....there may be a blabla or two up for grabs when I get back from vacation because blabla is such a giver...but shhhhh, don't tell anybody.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Make it count!


  1. Thank you for sharing- I just love Blahblahs! I think I am going to have to create some summer fun for Blah Blah Billy Goat and his Blah Blah friends :)

  2. please tell me the contest will be open to your Canadian besties?! haha... I love blah blah dolls. hope you're having SO MUCH FUN! xoxo


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