Monday, June 24, 2013

Party Jars {fun summer entertaining}

We made it back! It feels sooooo good to be home. After going to the grocery store and getting my Target run over with I couldn't wait to eat a Bovine croissant, unpack my suitcase, and jump into my own bed. I spent the evening last night looking to see what had bloomed in the yard while we were away for three weeks, caught up on my guilty pleasure (gotta love RHONJ) and sipped on a delicious iced tea with lemon in my new favorite summer find. I had to share this purchase with you guys ($10 Target) because it's amazingly fun! And with the fourth of July coming up it's perfect.

Summer cuteness, right?! This imitation Mason Jar glass is not only outdoor friendly because it's acrylic, but its dishwasher safe, insulated, and comes with its own lid and straw. I thought it would be great for summer parties where lemonade and iced tea were the stars of the show. I must say it even made eating grilled corn on the cob with herb butter taste better- true story.

So cheers to you guys! Cheers to Monday! And here's hoping I can finish getting through my 1300 vacation pictures today and finish editing. See you lovelies tomorrow. I missed you guys so much!


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