Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday post {say what?!}

Who's up for a Saturday post? This gal is. It's a beautiful day in Point Reyes & I have spent the morning at the farmers market smelling lavender and eating my fair share of carbs. I've also been getting ready to knock out quite a few DIY projects this weekend which I am super excited about. I've been sort of dead in the DIY department lately...but the creativity is coming back post vacation.

Is anyone else sort of freaking out about Google Reader going away on Monday? I was until I was introduced to Feedly & it is (in one word) awesome. With one click I was able to move all of my blogs over and now they are all ready for me to view. LOVE that! So check them out if you're reaching for a bag to breathe into like I was a when I first heard of Google reader disappearing.

I am also wanting to give a HUGE shout out today to the lovely company, Easton Place. They have so many amazing products in their shop which I have previously showed on the blog. But did you know they also create customized programs, web graphic designs, and even packaging for all your special little gifts? Well they do & they are beautifully detailed and the perfect go to for any event. 

I am even using some of their genius paper placemats as part of my 4th of July party next week. So excited! 

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and don't forget to enter the blabla giveaway. Winner announced on Monday. 

Now I'm off to complete my projects and work on my new blog web design...shhhhhh, this little visual change will be a surprise. 

See you lovelies on Monday. 


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